Something old, new, borrowed and blue belongs to the Bride of Christ. Join us as we discover the gifts of apparel with which Christ blesses His Bride.
We have been talking this month about the apparel of the Bride of Christ and what an eye opening experience it has been! We have discussed the ring, the crown and now this week I would love to talk about the popular wedding apparel tradition – Something old, something new, […]

Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

As a Bride of Christ, we have been given many pieces of apparel by our Bridegrrom, Jesus. Today, we talk about the Crown of Life that could only come from a crown of thorns. 5
Is the apparel of a Bride the most exciting thing or what? From every big detail like the dress to every little detail like great grandma’s earrings, it all has value and nothing can be left out. As the Bride of Christ, our apparel has value and significance too. Our […]

The Crown of Thorns Leads to the Crown of Life

As the Bride of Christ, we have been given a Heavenly engagement ring to wear in our heart. It tells the world that our heart belongs to another, our future has been spoken for and that we live our life in surrender to our Love. Read about your Heavenly engagement ring and about the apparel of the Bride of Christ.
Capture your imagination and picture this scene with me for a moment. It is a beautiful evening. The stars are lighting up the sky, there is a light breeze, music in the background and two people in love are gazing into one another’s eyes. Slowly but confidently, the man reaches […]

Our Heavenly Engagement Ring

As Christians, we are the Bride of Christ. One day we want to be presented to the Father with the beauty of holiness and blamelessness. Find out how Jesus, our Bridegroom cultivates beauty in His bride. 2
  In today’s world, what titles do we consider to be the most highly acclaimed? CEO, Doctor, President, Beauty Queen, Founder, MVP, Award Winning, Producer. In today’s church, what titles do we consider to be the most well respected and important? Pastor, Director, Teacher, Minister, Charter Member, Deacon. All of […]

Reflecting the Beauty of Our Bridegroom

When you look in the mirror, you see the outward appearance that your mirror reflects. Today, stop believing what the mirror tells you about yourself and let's search what the Bible tells us about ourselves. What does our heart reflect by being a daughter of the King? 5
  “Mirror, mirror on the wall, you do not know me at all.” Is that what we usually say when looking at our reflection? As we put on our lipstick everyday, do we trust that the person looking back at us in our compact mirror is really what we look […]

What Does Your Mirror Reflect?

How do we respond when we are living with or serving along side a sister who is so opposite of us? We do. It understand them and they do not understand us, yet we are from the same family. Today's blog post is on the story of Mary and Martha and their sister relationship. Learn how these two sisters were so different and how we can handle differences today. 2
  I am so excited! I have had the honor of writing my first guest post! Woo Hoo! Tenesha has become a quick friend to me! She has a sweet heart for encouraging women in their life journey. She loves the Lord, her family and all things that sparkle! I […]

All My Sisters in the House-Appreciating Sisterly Differences

Do you want to live a Godly life with a path that is free of clutter and diversion? Join Summer as she discusses the value of how to guard your eyes and guard your heart. 18
  When you were young, did you attend a Sunday school class or a vacation Bible school? If you answered yes, I am sure that you have fond memories of felt board Bible characters, cookies that were chocolate on one side and vanilla on the other and songs….a lot of […]

Want Your Life On A Godly Path? Guard Your Eyes ...

Do you want to minister to others but feel like you do not have value to serve the Kingdom? God has a plan for your life. Not every Christian serves the Lord in a ministry setting. Your lifestyle is the ministry that goes everywhere and is seen by everyone. 2
How would you describe your lifestyle? Hmm, that is a tough question. It is like someone asking you to sum up your world in ten words or less. Maybe you are like me and have two lifestyles- The Imaginary Lifestyle and the Reality Lifestyle! Imaginary consists of a lot of lasagna, […]

Do Not Wait, Let Your Lifestyle Shine

I want to tell you about the very first man in my life….my father. He has always been a very unique man. A very amusing man. A very generous man. But mostly, he has been a very present man. Always there every night. Never more than a phone call or […]

My Struggles Because I Had A Committed Father