Do you think that arranged marriages are a thing of the past and completely unthinkable? Well, if your heart belongs to God and you have surrendered your life to Him, then you are a part of the most ultimate arranged marriage of all time! You are the Bride if Christ and Jesus is the bridegroom! Join us as we discuss this at
  With the exception of a two year move for my dad’s job, I have lived in the same Alabama town as far back as I can remember. My home town is built on a river and is home to a 90 foot waterfall that holds a special spot in […]

The Ultimate Arranged Marriage – Jesus Is Our Bridegroom

When you look in the mirror, you see the outward appearance that your mirror reflects. Today, stop believing what the mirror tells you about yourself and let's search what the Bible tells us about ourselves. What does our heart reflect by being a daughter of the King? 2
  “Mirror, mirror on the wall, you do not know me at all.” Is that what we usually say when looking at our reflection? As we put on our lipstick everyday, do we trust that the person looking back at us in our compact mirror is really what we look […]

What Does Your Mirror Reflect?

How do we respond when we are living with or serving along side a sister who is so opposite of us? We do. It understand them and they do not understand us, yet we are from the same family. Today's blog post is on the story of Mary and Martha and their sister relationship. Learn how these two sisters were so different and how we can handle differences today. 2
  I am so excited! I have had the honor of writing my first guest post! Woo Hoo! Tenesha has become a quick friend to me! She has a sweet heart for encouraging women in their life journey. She loves the Lord, her family and all things that sparkle! I […]

All My Sisters in the House-Appreciating Sisterly Differences

Do you want to live a Godly life with a path that is free of clutter and diversion? Join Summer as she discusses the value of how to guard your eyes and guard your heart. 14
  When you were young, did you attend a Sunday school class or a vacation Bible school? If you answered yes, I am sure that you have fond memories of felt board Bible characters, cookies that were chocolate on one side and vanilla on the other and songs….a lot of […]

Want Your Life On A Godly Path? Guard Your Eyes ...

Do you want to minister to others but feel like you do not have value to serve the Kingdom? God has a plan for your life. Not every Christian serves the Lord in a ministry setting. Your lifestyle is the ministry that goes everywhere and is seen by everyone. 2
How would you describe your lifestyle? Hmm, that is a tough question. It is like someone asking you to sum up your world in ten words or less. Maybe you are like me and have two lifestyles- The Imaginary Lifestyle and the Reality Lifestyle! Imaginary consists of a lot of lasagna, […]

Do Not Wait, Let Your Lifestyle Shine

I want to tell you about the very first man in my life….my father. He has always been a very unique man. A very amusing man. A very generous man. But mostly, he has been a very present man. Always there every night. Never more than a phone call or […]

My Struggles Because I Had A Committed Father

During times of trouble and fear, who can we turn to? Psalm 46 promises us that we can depend on God. This chapter should be our solid rock in times of hardship. Click on the blog and discover how many promises of protection that God has for you! 6
  When the Lord called me to create this blog back in September of last year, I had a ton of decisions to make. One of them was what Bible verse did I want to represent my blog and equally what verse would my blog represent. I was told that […]

God Is Our Refuge

Today's young generation is experts famine of leaderships, guidance and wisdom. They are lacking in both Godly direction and healthy life style direction. They need someone to plant investment in their lives so that they will have something to give the next generation. God instructs us to train our young people in the way they should go. 2
What a moving experience our country had last week. Whether your political preference is Democratic or Republican, it probably still made your heart flutter with patriotism to see the splendor of our nation’s monuments surrounded by its citizens. The inauguration of a new president is a proceeding that is followed […]

Take Up Your Shovel and Plant

As a parent, how does God expect you to handle your child's sinful choices habits and behavior? The Bible offers us some insight and guidance on this difficult subject. 3
Sin: A transgression of the law of God. An impaired state of human nature in which the self is estranged from God. (Merriam-Webster) Sin separates us from God. We have seen this illustrated in the Bible starting with Adam and Eve. How easy it can be for us to recognize their […]

Confronting Your Child’s Sinful Choices

My letter to one who is not a Christian is a letter of Biblical truth explaining why one should accept Christ. This letter offers explanation, hope, love, and encouragement for a non Christian to draw from. 17
Dear friend, I want to share my heart with you so please hear me out. I am ashamed that I have not had a conversation like this with you before now, but I did not want to cause a problem between us. However, I have realized that I love you […]

My Letter To One Who Is Not A Christian