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Sister, can we just be candid on an October Wednesday? I want to share something with you that has been on my heart for two days. This is going to take a little gulp of honesty to tell you this, so… here goes!
As I’ve mentioned before, blogging was never something I thought I would pursue. It was way out of my area of talent. I said earlier this week, “I’m the last person who should be involved in anything with a .com at the end!” Yet, here I am!
This blogging journey over the last nine days has been indescribable. I have experienced the presence of the Lord unlike ever before. I have called out to Him (multiple times!) in frustration, confusion, hopelessness and fear. Hallelujah, He has been faithful to answer me every time but on His own timetable, not mine.
Needless to say, my conversation and dialogue with the Lord was pretty much endless from two Sundays ago until last Sunday while setting up this precious blog. Between pleading for help trying to navigate the computer programs and asking for guidance on exactly what I needed to say in each post, the Lord and I have definitely had some lengthy chats!
However, I really didn’t realize until last Sunday, two days ago, what kind of affect all of this talk with my Master was having on me. As soon as the music started at church that morning, I was immediately caught up in a whirlwind of praise! We are talking about a worship stampede, girlfriend! It was crazy phenomenal!I praised my Lord, sang from my heart and teared up at the sweet melodies of His love and power.
What caused all of this? I truly believe it was constantly being in the presence of my Savior the whole week. Strong communication yields strong worship.

Now, here’s the honesty part… last Sunday’s worship was not my standard Sunday morning experience. I have been refreshed and renewed. I love my Lord and desperately seek to please Him. Will there still be hard times, valleys and dry spells? Absolutely. This world is not our home. However, I believe having a strong, constant communication with God will change the dynamic of your relationship with Him. It certainly has for me!
Please let me encourage you to keep a constant dialogue going with the Lord this week. Take advantage of those quiet little moments to regroup with Him. Lift struggling people up to Him as they come to your mind. Ask for the things you need and tell Him what is going on in your life. Trust me, it will make all the difference in the world!
For those of you who are married or dating, I know you will agree that your relationship is at it’s best during times of good communication. How difficult would it be to worship your husband to the point you could just eat him up if y’all only talked a few times a month? He would quickly become one that you would act formal and distant toward rather than open and intimate. The same is true in our relationship with God. This concept sounds so basic, but once it is put into action in your life, things are anything but basic!
I have always “known” this truth, but now I really know! It is my prayer that you will experience intimate worship with God this week too. Keep talking; He wants to hear from His child. Also, be sure to listen; there are so many things He longs to say to you. God loves you more than you can ever comprehend!
Pray without ceasing. I Thessalonians 5:17

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2 thoughts on “A Heart of Worship

  • Blessed Indeed

    I loved how your Sunday morning worship was NOT the same. Imagine how much more intense our worship would be if we all went in to church after already being in the Lord’s presence for an hour before hand. WOW! That way we wouldn’t have to go through a few songs to warm up.
    Girl evidently you were raring to go!! That is admirable. All we have is an audience of 1.
    May the Holy Spirit fall on you and you dance a jig in church girl. I bet someone might just be waiting for someone else to lead.

  • Summer Post author

    Thank you for your true words. That Sunday morning experience had such an effect on me that I don’t ever want to go to church “unprepared” again! The Holy Spirit has so much more in store for us!