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I have plans for my life. Goals, hopes, desires, dreams. I assume that you have expectations too. Think about it for a minute. What is it you want out of life? We’re talking about all parts of life now. Spiritual, career, marriage, parenting, hobbies, traveling, learning something new…everything. What word/words do you want used to describe you one day? Got it summed up and decided? Me too…. I want to be awesome!

The word awesome is an adjective or a word used to describe an attribute. Now an adjective is a woman’s tool. We don’t want to just tell you, girl, we want to TELL you with some description and detail! Therefore, by definition, the word awesome TELLS you that the subject of discussion is extremely impressive and inspires great admiration. Sounds great right?

Recently, I was challenged to be awesome. I immediately thought,” That’s for people who do yoga, volunteer work or always have perfectly straight hair. That’s not me.” However, I soon realized I am a child of the King! The same power that lifted Christ from the grave lives in me! I am forgiven of my sins and have eternal life! I am SO awesome because of God! And my dear sister, if Christ is Lord of your life, then you are awed right there with me!

So if we are a great big league of Awesomettes ( yes, I’m giving us an original name!) then why does the theme song of our lives sometimes sound like Shostakovich Symphony No. 5? Look it up, you’ll see what I mean! Don’t misunderstand, I love classical music, but this particular work of art is definitely in the dark tones, not spring pastels! It’s like we know the above truths about our awesomeness in Christ, but the circumstances of our lives pull us into Symphony No. 5 territory every time.

I don’t want to speak for your life, but for me, it was one little evil word: dwell. I used to dwell on issues, problems, fears and insecurities until they literally moved in and took my world captive. They dashed my hope, emotionally weighed me down, ruined my joy and basically started changing me into a different person. I was miserable but believed all of Satan’s crafty lies towards me. Things like this: Welcome to the adult world, it’s not that bad, be thankful that you have to it as good as you do and that you’re not struggling for survival in a third world country. I seriously accepted my circumstances and considered myself fortunate that things weren’t any worse. Not an awesome thing to do!

I will save the story of how God brought me out of that for another time. But believe me, in short order I was discovering that I had the sparkle of awesome on my side! All I had to do was give my burdens to the Lord and He would take care of me. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall. Psalm 55:22.

For me, obeying that verse was like having shackles removed from my wings and soaring through the air. I was free! Free from fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, hopeless; I was free to be awesome!

Sister in Christ, you have that freedom too, so claim it! Get your awesome on and let’s go! Do not let the things of this world dictate your life. Instead, let the God of your world dictate the things of your life. Joy is there for the taking. Immerse yourself in it! Chances are, no one will be drawn to the Lord of your life if it is presented in a Symphony No. 5 manner. They probably have enough of those days in their own life already. However, showing someone the joy of Christ in your heart is a totally different story. Give your burdens up to the One who cares for you. Embrace the joy and freedom He offers and share that gift with others.

Starting right now, live in the freedom and joy of your salvation and be awesome! Pull out the air microphone and jam to the oldies ( you know you’d love it!) run through an open field until you’re breathless, dance like you’re Fred Astaire, catch up with a friend, go for that hot pink nail polish, recycle, encourage strangers, have a conversation with an elderly person, binge watch a tv box set, finally dive into that Zumba group or whatever the expression of a true  Awesomette looks like to you. Do it girl! Live in awesomeness!

God loves you in immeasurable portions. He longs to take your struggles and replace them with His peace, hope and love. He has forgiven and forgotten whatever may be holding you back from living as an Awesomette. He has cleared the charges and unlocked the prison door by the death of His Son on the cross. Please don’t sit in a cell with an open door. Accept His salvation and then accept His forgiveness and restoration of joy. He wants to move on with your life, so let yourself do the same. No burdens and Symphony No. 5’s here, just incredible Awesomettes in dresses as white as snow!

Happy are the people whose God is the Lord! Psalm 144:15

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