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Have you ever been on a Disney World vacation? Upon entering the park, you quickly catch on to the fact that there are two kinds of people groups there.

First, you have the group or family that is all wearing their casual comfy clothes to keep cool. They are walking at a leisurely pace, stopping constantly to look at something and they usually have one of those enormous turkey legs in their hand. They have no agenda or time frames to contend with and they like it that way. We are going to call them the “casual vacationer”. They are all dressed as individuals   and taking the time to enjoy every little detail while eating difficult, time consuming snacks.

Second, you have the group or family that is all wearing matching tee shirt that read “The So&So Family Vacation”. They are all decked out in their Mickey ears and lanyards and one person in the group might even be carrying a flag to keep everyone together. This category of people carries an expensive camera and tripod for exceptional family photos and an IPad to keep up with the wait times at the popular rides. They have no time for hard to eat food, instead they grab one of those ice cream Mickey heads dipped in chocolate and dash off to get the perfect viewing spot for the afternoon parade. We are going to call them the “serious vacationers”. Their feet hit the ground that morning with a plan and it is their mission of the day to see it through.

Now for all of you Disney lovers out there, or any vacationers, you know exactly which category you fall into. My family is in the serious category 100%! We are definitely type A schedule enthusiasts!

Last week, I wrote a series of blogs sharing my testimony. I was so touched by all of the feedback I received. You are all so precious! Many of you made comment about how great it was to see God showing up exactly when His child needed Him or what a blessing it was that God provided me with the exact tools I needed in my time of  trouble. As I read your comments, it occurred to me just how orchestrated the events of my life had been by God.

Just like the second group of vacationers, our God is a serious God. Before you were born, He already had a set place in His plan just for you. He clothes each one of His children in the same outfit from the “white as snow” brand! God commands us to do life together by being involved in a church body and gives us a map of the park of life called the Bible. Our God does not mess around. He is definitely serious.

In my own life, I have learned that God is so serious about His plan for me that He caused, allowed, blessed and withheld certain things in order to lay the groundwork for His will to be done in me. What has taken place in your life that proves that God is serious about you?

Just like the hardcore Disney World people we talked about, God has proven many times in His word that He means business when it comes to our lives. He so badly longs for us to be a part of His plan and do His will because that is where we belong and usually, in our hearts, we know that.

Consider the story of Jonah. God was serious about that man doing His work in Nineveh. Not only because God wanted the people of Nineveh to hear about Him but also because He wanted Jonah to experience the joy and fulfillment of living in His will. Therefore, God was ready to put whatever was required in Jonah’s path, even a man eating fish, to prompt him to follow God’s plan.

What about you? Are you dealing with a monster of a fish in your life? Never ending sickness, a miserable job, a shattered heart, shameful past, difficult children and the list could go on endlessly. It is so easy to want to scream, “God, why are You letting this happen to me? What did I do wrong?” I get it. I have been there many times, Sister.

Would you consider with me today that because our God is so serious and about you, He will go to fish sized measures for you? He will allow certain situations to come in to your life to mold and reshape you into the person He needs you to be to carry out His plan for your life.

However, we all know that molding and reshaping are never easy. If you don’t believe me, take the covers off of your couch cushions, wash and dry them and try to put them back on! It seems like the cushion will never remold and reshape to the design of the cover. We are talking about the kind of battle that has you in the floor using both hands and feet! Raise your virtual hand if  know what I’m talking about!

In the same way, shaping and molding us is a process that requires a lot of repositioning, redirecting, pushing, turning around and sometimes just a flat out taking apart and starting over again.

So what about these fish in your life that appear to have you held captive? Instead of responding to them as punishment, judgement or the miserable hand you have been dealt, start praying about them. I mean hitting your knees and boldly enter the throne room of God. Acknowledge that His ways are not your ways and that you need His help during this reshaping process. I can promise you, clinging to God is the best thing that you can do for yourself during a time of trial.

God was so serious about my life that He went to major extremes to get me where He wanted to be. Why? Because He knew His child and knew I would never get to where He wanted me to be on my own.

So today, rather than thinking of your struggle as a burden, Sisters, start viewing it as an opportunity. God is working in your life to prepare you for great things. How do I know they are great? Because this is God we are talking about about and great is the only kind of thing He does! That’s a pretty exciting thought!

God is serious about you and will stop at nothing to pursue you. Don’t run away from Him because you are hurting, bitter or depressed. That is just want the enemy wants is to isolate you from God. Girls, do not let him be victorious. Instead, beg God to sustain you through your trial. Ask Him to renew your strength, heart and mind. Tell Him that you want Him to reveal His plan for your life and show you what lessons you need to learn from your current situation. Do not quit praying and petitioning God for help and direction.

I will leave you with this. Luke 11:5-8 tells the story of the man who showed up at his friend’s house at midnight wanting to borrow food. Initially, the friend told the man to go home. It was late and he was not going to get up and disturb his family at such a late hour. But verse 8 says that because the man persisted, the friend gave him what he needed . Be persistent in your prayers to God, my sisters. We know that God is serious about us. Show Him that you are serious about Him.

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One thought on “God Is Serious About You

  • Linda

    Summer, I love your cushion analogy – it perfectly describes the moulding process! It is an ongoing journey, isn’t it, as God changes us bit by bit – and He walks through our struggles with us. He loves us too much to leave us as we are, He wants the very best for us – and the moulding and shaping are part of that. We are on our way to being a vessel that God can use!