The Soul of My Sole


Question- Does anyone like feet? Probably not. Podiatrists and pedicure salons excluded, of course! As women, sure we like to dress our feet up with colorful nail polish and strappy heels, but who would go for just a bare, naked foot? Anyone? Today I want to share with you about how valuable your feet are to God. They are an opening to your heart. Let’s discuss the soul of your soles!

Earlier this year, I became a believer in essential oils. In researching about the oils and how to use them, I kept seeing suggestions to rub them on the bottoms of the feet. Sites said that it is believed that every nerve line in the body is in the foot. Therefore, by putting the oil on the bottom of your foot, you are gaining access to every organ and system within you. Fascinating! I checked out a reflexology chart of the foot and discovered that every spot of the foot accounts for a different part of me. I was amazed. Were my feet actually a big deal? The portal to my interior? This got me thinking about the times that feet are referred to in the Bible. I think there is some significance there worth diving into today.

Put your finger in the middle of the bottom of your foot and then slide your finger up towards your toes about an inch. That spot you are touching right now is where the nerve endings of your heart are located. Right there. So everywhere you take your feet, you are exposing your heart to that influence of experience.

Psalm 1:1-6 states that a man who does not walk in the council of the ungodly will be blessed. If we walk in bad company or into bad senerios, we are leading our hearts to failure outside of the deliverance of Jesus. Our feet are the vehicle that can take our heart to where trouble resides. Now, I fully believe that the mind and the hands can be just as guilty as the feet for leading the heart to evil, and I will probably discuss them in another blog. But for now, let’s focus on our feet.

Ephesians 6 discusses putting on the armor of God. Part of that armor is the gospel of peace as shoes for our feet. That is interesting. The heart and feet work in tandem here. We store the gospel in our heart. By possessing the Word of God in our heart, it’s power gives us peace, strength and courage. However, since the heart ends in the foot and our foot walks in a way that directly affects our heart, then the gospel of peace will lead our feet towards God. Basically, if our heart is not prepared then our feet do not stand a chance of living out this part of the armor and vice versa. Our souls are safe in the hand of God, but if we do not take time to wash the grime of this world off of our feet by digging into the gospel, it will start to have a negative affect on our heart.

When I was about 16, my church youth group went to a Christian camp over the summer. We grew indescribably close that week. On the last night, our little group of about twenty gathered in a small room and took turns washing each others feet. That was one of the most emotional and vulnerable things I had ever experienced. There was not a dry eye in the room and the prayer time after that was so powerful. The feet spark more emotion than we recognize in our culture today. However, in the days of the Bible, the washing of feet was very common.

I heard a speaker recently talking about the washing of feet. Unfortunately, I can not remember who it was or I would definitely give them credit! They said that the washing of feet in the Bible days was not only necessary, it was symbolic. Once we are saved, our heart belongs to God and nothing of this world or the enemy is getting to our soul. It has been purchased! Amen! But we still live in this world and we are soiled by its wickedness just like we get dirty or dusty from being outside. It is necessary for us to clean up the exterior that is exposed to the world . We have to bathe our physical feet and we have to wash our spiritual feet in the water of the Holy Spirit. Take time in the Word to wash the world off your feet everyday so that the nerves of your heart can be exposed to purity.

Two of my favorite verses are Psalm 119:105- Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light to my path and Hebrews 12:13- And make straight paths for your feet….I would pray these verses over myself constantly because I wanted the Lord to direct my path. I am a terrible perfectionist! It is one of my greatest struggles. For that reason, I used to be very drawn to these words because they are requesting that God would lead. My thought was that if God led and His way is perfect then if I followed His leading I would never mess up. Boom! Perfection achieved! My thinking was so backwards it was probably in a knot! I still love these verses a lot and yes, I still deal with perfectionism, but I clearly understand now what these verses are stating. The Word of God in my heart will direct my feet and ultimately my life down the path of His design. Again, working in tandem here. If my heart is not prepared then my feet are undirected. If my feet are undirected, I will take myself to a place that will poorly influence my heart. It is a cycle. Likewise, it is amazing how straight the path for your feet can be if the nerve endings of your heart are in touch with God. Even if your path is full of curves and bumps, though, with the Word of God hidden in your heart and your heart and feet working together, you will make it.

I want to wrap this up by encouraging you. Earlier this week, we talked about how serious God is about us. He is the real deal and He comes prepared to take action. I want to challenge you to really get serious about Him by digging deep into His word. It is not only commanded of us to do so, but His word is necessary for our hearts…and feet. So take some time this week and nourish the soul of your sole!

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