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As Christmas approaches, I’m sure we all start to think back on some favorite childhood memories. I know I sure do! There was this one Christmas specifically that I have been replaying a lot in my head lately. So……I’m about to age myself! The Christmas that I was six, I asked for a Baby Sparkles doll. The PJ Sparkles doll (wow I have not used that term in forever!) had been on the market a few years earlier and a lot my older friends had one. I loved the way that she lit up in her earings, dress, shoes and I think even her hair. It was so magical that when Baby Sparkles, a different version of the original, came out for sale, I just had  to have her!

On Christmas morning, this special baby doll was under my tree and I was ecstatic!  She was just as magical as I had dreamed she would be! She had pale blonde curls, a sweet little face, a light pink outfit and most importantly, a battery holder that my mom could easily access so that I did not have to wait until my dad got home to change out the batteries! Let me tell you, I went through some batteries!

Here’s the thing about Baby Sparkles- to make her light up, you had to pull her head back. Her head sat like a ball and socket on her neck. You would pull it back a few inches and the lights started to dance.

Well, within a year or maybe two, I had completely disconnected Baby Sparkles head! She looked like a deranged toy from some twisted horror movie! I had her head, then about eight inches of wires, then her body. I was so devastated when she broke that I could not even talk about it. I put her under my bed and left her there for the longest time before I was ready to inform my parents that Baby Sparkles had died. It was a time of true grief for me!

Unfortunately, even the best gifts break, come to an end or are always in danger of being destroyed. No matter what you give someone, it has the potential to only be temporary. What can we give others and ourselves that will survive? What gift will have life? Salvation and a thriving relationship with God.

I teach First Grade Sunday School at my church. My children’s minister told our kids last Sunday that the best gift was Jesus in their heart. Oh, how true that is! But for those of us who have already asked Christ into our lives, what would our gift be? Only the Best Gift Ever! We have the opportunity for a double portion! Eternal life, plus life with Christ on earth!

We do not have to wait until we get to Heaven to know God. We can know Him today.! God gave us His word and open communication with Him through prayer. It is the gift that define keeps on giving! A true, intimate relationship with God that is full of growth and communication will never break. It will never need new batteries, get old and dirty or in my case, lose it’s head! It is always dependable and you can seriously bet your life on it!

God gave us the perfect Christmas gift when He gave us His Son. Such sacrificial love is beyond understanding. What is my love, obedience, seeking and ministering compared to Bethlehem and Calvery? Jesus gave His life for us, but what do you give to the Creator of all things in return? Your life. My life.

If someone at your office gives you a Christmas gift, you are probably going to return the kindness, right? God gave you a Christmas gift, so please return the act of love. Give Him your heart, but then give Him your life.

Sisters, I spent so many years shying away from God . I robbed myself of an intimate relationship with my Lord. Do not do what I did. A close connection and deep communication with our Savior is what we were designed to have. We do not just get saved and then wait until we die to be introduced to our God. We can do it this very minute! Grab your opportunity, girl! God is longing for you!

This Christmas, spoil yourself with the best gift ever! A gift that is always there, it is always new and it talks back to you! The gift of God is the most valuable gift you could ever own. It is all wrapped up with the perfect ribbon and is right at your fingertips. Will you open it and dive in deep this holiday season? I pray that you will! I LOVE  my relationship with God and I am making sure that you know all about it for yourself too!

For unto you is born this day a Savior which is Christ the Lord. Luke 2:11

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