Ten Truths About Perfection



There are two different types of perfection. The worldly perfection that is defined by judgement and doubt and God’s perfection that is defined by acceptance and grace. Until we can recognize the difference, we are a constant victim of a horrendous lie.

To give us a better perspective of what is and is not true about perfection, a list has been compiled of what perfection says to us and what God says about perfection. The first list is “My Name Is Perfection“. This is the perfection of this world that holds us back and intimidates us. It is always nagging at the back of our minds. This kind of perfection can control our thoughts and produce a very poor self image. The second list is “I Am Perfection“. This is the holy and merciful heart of God. It is the Great I Am telling us how valuable we are to Him. May this breakdown of truth and lies bless your heart and give you a healthy perspective!


            MY NAME IS PERFECTION                                                                                    I AM PERFECTION

  1. You are not good enough                                                                                 1. You are made in My image (Gen. 1:27

2. You can not do anything right                                                                           2. With God all things are possible (Matt 19:26)

3. Mistakes are not acceptable                                                                              3. I know you will mess up (James 3:2)

4. You are only loved when you are at your best                                               4. My perfect love is everlasting  (Jer. 31:3)                                                                                                                                                                                                                               5. You can not take chances and risk failure                                                       5. I equip you to walk on water (Matt 14:29)

6. You never do enough for the Kingdom                                                            6. I give you grace (Eph 2:8-9)

7. You are weaker than everyone else                                                                 7. I am your Rock (Ps. 18:2)

8. It is your fault that everything is going wrong                                                8. I am the Overcomer (John 16:33)

9. You will never overcome your past, it will always proceed you                 9. I am your Banner (Ex. 17:15)

10. You should expect perfection from everyone else too                               10. I am forgiving to all (Eph 4:32)

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