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My letter to one who is not a Christian is a letter of Biblical truth explaining why one should accept Christ. This letter offers explanation, hope, love, and encouragement for a non Christian to draw from.

Dear friend,

I want to share my heart with you so please hear me out. I am ashamed that I have not had a conversation like this with you before now, but I did not want to cause a problem between us. However, I have realized that I love you too much to not tell you what I need to say. You are precious to me and our relationship is invaluable, which is why I have to tell you this.

You need Jesus in your life. You should give your heart to Him and become a Christian.

Now stop, please do not tune me out. This is not a guilt trip, a scare tactic or me being judgemental towards you. I would never do that. I love you too much. I just want you to know the truth and if you still choose to not follow Jesus, then ok. But I want you to have a chance.

Over two thousand years, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to this earth as a baby. He grew up just like we did. Learned to walk, lost His baby teeth, played with siblings, worked in the family business and more. The biggest difference between His growing up years and ours is that He was perfect. Jesus was sinless. He was blameless. Because He was God’s Son, He was incapable of doing wrong.

At the age of 30, Jesus started teaching people about God. He drew great crowds, performed life changing miracles, touched lives one on one and mentored twelve other men about the things of God.

However, at the age of 33, Jesus was killed. His hands and feet were attached to a splintered wooden cross with a hammer and nails. This was only after He was beaten beyond all recognition and then made to carry His own cross down a street of people who were spitting on Him and mocking Him.

Jesus was a perfect man who lived a perfect life and yet He was killed. Why you ask? 

He did it for you. Jesus died for You.

The only way that sinful people, and I am not singling you out because we are all sinful, could ever go to  Heaven one day and spend eternity there was for perfect blood to be shed on our behalf. 

Jesus spilled out His perfect blood in a courtyard, down a street of hateful people and on the grass at the base of His cross so that He could have you in Heaven with Him one day.

Jesus sacrificed His life for you, but all that He is asking from you in return is your heart. That is what it means to be a Christian. As citizens of America, we are Americans. Likewise, as citizens of Christ, we are Christians. Jesus wants so badly to adopt you into His family but you have to be the one to make that decision. Not even Jesus will force you.

Maybe you do not understand what it means to give Jesus your heart.  That is ok, do not feel embarrassed. That is why I wanted to have this talk with you so I can help you to understand clearly. You only have one heart and it can only have one owner. Jesus is inviting you to give your heart to Him and become a citizen of His heavenly kingdom.  If you will do that and become His child, He promises that He will do two things: He will lead, protect and provide for you while you are on earth. Then when you die, He will let you live with Him in heaven for ever and ever. 

I say this next part in love but I will say it honestly and straightforward because I love you too much to beat around the bush. If you do not give Jesus your heart and allow Him to live in your life, then when you die one day, you will go to Hell. 

Hell is a real place. It is were Satan and his demons live. The Bible says that it is completely dark there. There is endless screaming and crying because everyone is so miserable. They are all thrown into a pit of fire that never stops burning. This torment will last forever for those who have not asked Jesus into their hearts.

This is why I had to talk to you about becoming a Christian. I do not want you to spend eternity in a place like that.

As you are reading this, are you having thoughts about this not being true, or you are thinking that maybe you are already a Christian or you are a good person so you do not deserve to go to hell with murders and child molesters? That is Satan trying to distract you and keep you from accepting Jesus into your life. You see, he does not want you to live your life for Jesus and go to Heaven when you die.  Why? One day, Jesus is going to throw Satan and all of his demons into that same fire pit. The Bible clearly states that. Satan knows that he is going to end up there, so he wants to take as many people with him as he can.

Do not let him make you one of his victims, dear friend. 

Jesus is offering you a better way with great rewards. All you have to do is give your heart over to Him, Accept His gift of eternal life, Be obedient to what He wants to do in your life and through your life. 

Please do not think that the Christian life is boring or full of do’s and don’ts. Yes, there are rules that we as Christians are expected to follow but they are there for our protection, no different than raising a child. There are things that children want to do or own or be a part of but their parent only wants what is best for them, so they sometimes have to say no. I can promise you though, being a child of God is so much better than getting to just do whatever you want. Once you give Jesus your heart, you start to really get to know Him. He starts to change your life to look more like His. As that transition happens, you will find that all of those things you liked to do will not be so important anymore. You will want to behave like the Godly person that Jesus is shaping you to be. But believe me friend, the Christian life is not boring! It keeps me on my toes and has been the greatest adventure of my life. I so badly want you to experience that too.

Also, please do not think that you are not the kind of person that Jesus would want to get involved with. That is so not true! No matter what you are doing or have done, no matter what you have thought or said, NOTHING can keep Jesus from loving you and wanting to be in your life. The good news is He wants to have your heart and life right now! You do not have to become a better person first or clean out your secret drawer or stop smoking. He is fine with taking you just like you are at this very minute! He already loves you so much that He died a horrible death just for you. There is no way that anything about you or your past could keep Him from wanting you right now.

A message if hope and God's love to a non Christian.

While we are on the subject, I want to clear up a lie that you might be believing. Being a good person does not make you a Christian. No matter how kind you are to other people or to animals, how much money you donate to charities, how little you gossip or the fact that you have never had a drop of alcohol, you are not a Christian by doing good things. I am proud of you for having such great morals and for making responsible choices. Your kindness and generosity are wonderful. But unless you have asked Jesus to come into your heart, acknowledged that He is Lord of All, and committed to live your life under His authority and within His will, you are not a Christian. I am not being judgmental of you, I am telling you what the Bible says.

Maybe you are thinking of other people you know who go to church but they certainly do not act like Jesus lives inside of them. In fact, you behave much better than they do and you do not go to church. I can promise you, that does not matter. Whether you go to church or not is not the deciding factor on if you are a Christian going to Heaven one day. What matters is that you and those other people have asked Jesus to live in your heart.

Do not let someone else’s actions or beliefs keep you away from being a Christian. Even once someone becomes a Christian, they are still a sinner. Only Jesus is perfect. Therefore, Christians will make bad decisions, offend others, scream at their kids, pull out in front of you and much more. Why? Because they are still human sinners but they are living with the grace and forgiveness of Jesus in their lives. They still make mistakes, but Jesus is willing to forgive them. Base your decision about Jesus on the truths that I am sharing with you now, not on the unfortunate actions of other people.

As I bring this letter to a close, my friend, I know I have given you a lot to think about. Please know that I would never try to point my finger at you or tell you that you are wrong. I love you no matter what you decide to do. I mean that with all of my heart. But because you are so special to me, I had to make sure that you knew the truth. Let me ask you one thing: If you died before the end of this day, do you know for sure where you would spend eternity? Are you 100% positive that you would go to Heaven? Can you look back to a defining moment in your life when you gave your heart to Jesus? If you are even a little bit not sure, then work it out right now. Do not play the maybe game and end up going to Hell one day! It is not worth it. Please, I beg you, connect with someone who can talk with you about this. It does not have to be me. It can be anyone who you know for sure lives their life for the Lord. I can promise you, they will be thrilled to talk to you and help you to understand all of this. As Christians, we are one big family and there is always room for one more. I want you to be that one!

If you feel strange, uneasy or nervous right now, that is Jesus pulling at your heart. He is wanting you to give your life to Him so that He can love you, provide for you, comfort you, lead you, work through you and then He wants to take you back to His house one day to live forever.

Will you give your heart to Him today?

I pray that you will.

I love you so much!

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17 thoughts on “My Letter To One Who Is Not A Christian

  • Diane

    Well done, Summer! Well done! I imagined myself printing this out and mailing it to my brother. It’s all encompassing, all inclusive, gentle, yet true in a straightforward way! Thx for sharing your heart! I imagine your friends being saved as a result of reading your blog!

    Go God!! Holy Spirit, go ahead! Draw them in!

  • Christie

    Such a great post. This is exactly how I would want someone to approach me to tell me about Jesus. I have a friend in my office who does not believe and it has been on my heart to reach out again. There have been attempts before but they always fell through. I wish I could give her a letter like this!

    • Summer Post author

      Thank you Christie for your kind words. This is exactly how I would want someone to approach me too…in love. Keep praying for your friend. God will open up a door when the time is right. The best things you can do for her right now is to live out Christ in front of her.

    • Summer Post author

      Thank you, Amy! I wanted to share the truth of Christianity in a loving and gentle yet truthful manner. I want everyone to know the facts in their entirety. Praying that this post will carry the power of the Holy Spirit!

  • Janice Gaskins Mechling

    Masterfully written with truth as the treasure behind your”Love Letter” – I’m sharing this in hopes of reaching others. I hope you will continue to encourage others through your truthful, creations in words and reach more souls for the kingdom of heaven!

    • Summer Post author

      Thank you for sharing, Janice! I am prayerfully hopeful that one person will consider Christianity. There is so much confusion and deceit in this world right now. People are truly lost. I am praying that they will find their way to the Lord.

    • Summer Post author

      Thank you Veronica! It has been on my heart to write this post for a while now. I truly want people to know the truth and for them to hear it in a loving, Christ like manner.

    • Summer Post author

      Yes, Nicole, this post was a little difficult, but it was a labor of love for those I care about who do not know the Lord. Thank you for your kindness!

    • Summer Post author

      Thank you Joy! This desire should beat in the heart of every Christian, but we can get so easily distracted in our day to day lives. This post has made me purpose to be more focused on what truly matters- introducing people to our Lord.

    • Summer Post author

      Thank you, Kim! All of the glory and praise goes to God. My heart goes out to those who do not know God. I could not imagine my life without Him. It is my prayer that this letter will soften hearts, disprove incorrect beliefs and break through barriers to draw people to the God who saves!