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During times of trouble and fear, who can we turn to? Psalm 46 promises us that we can depend on God. This chapter should be our solid rock in times of hardship. Click on the blog and discover how many promises of protection that God has for you!

When the Lord called me to create this blog back in September of last year, I had a ton of decisions to make. One of them was what Bible verse did I want to represent my blog and equally what verse would my blog represent. I was told that blogging was an authentic journey that you take with your readers. What did I want my readers to know about me and what verse would display that most accurately?

Initially, I though about using my go-to verse, Matthew 5:14- You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill can not be hidden. While that would have been a great choice, I just did not have peace about it, so I searched a little further. I would say completely by chance, but we all know that there are no “chances” with God, I discovered a little nugget in Psalm and knew immediately that this was the one.

God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved. God shall help her, just at the break of dawn. Psalm 46:5

I claimed the beginning of the verse as my blog verse and how I love it!

Psalm 46 is titled God the Refuge of His people and Conqueror of the Nations.

Wow, that is a pretty powerful way to be introduced! God is a safe place for those who love Him and He fights our battles….and He is victorious!

Commentaries suggest that this chapter was written after David was victorious in conquering a neighboring nation. David knew that his success came from God alone, and he made sure that all of the credit went to God. However, this chapter is full of strong truths that we can claim in our own lives today!

I would like to take a few minutes of your time to break down and paraphrase chapter 46 because it is so full of wisdom and encouragement that we need every day.

God is a safe place for us to retreat and He provides us with the strength to get to Him. He is so there while we are dealing with trouble. Have you ever been so dragged down and defeated that you don’t feel like you even have the wherewithal to cry out for help? Sister, I’ve been there! I always shift into survival mode and I just hunker down down right where I’m at. We do not have to do that. God is there to provide escape and the strength to escape.

With such a strong promise, how could we be afraid? No matter what happens, we have shelter in our God. Even if the mountains land in the ocean and the ocean stirs up into a major storm, or if we experience a major storm in our life, we are good. Will the situation be a perfect one? Probably not, but we are not alone in the  midst of it.

God has provided us with streams of life. This could be anything that refreshes and renews our souls. Maybe a friend, your puppy, these verses…..God has provided something in your life that will quench the thirst of your soul during your desert of hardship. He promises to make your soul glad.

Now this next part is very interesting to me. I hope that I am understanding it correctly. The end of verse four through verse five is talking about the church. Yes, these verses are for our churches.  However, the church is the people of God so I believe that this verse is also meant for Christians individually as well as collectively. They say that the tabernacle is a Holy place. Let us never forget that. God dwells in the tabernacle, God dwells in us.  If the tabernacle is Holy, then  we are expected to provide God with a Holy place to dwell in our lives and hearts. Strive to have a Godly heart.

The chapter goes on to say our blog verse- we are holy because God is in us and among us. We will not be dragged off our conerstone of Christ. Let me stop here and throw in a little side note. We will not be removed from our Christian foundation, but we can remove ourselves. God has given us a free will. Do not walk away from God, sister, He is your life and breath. He promises to anchor us and help us even in the final hours of our trials.

The Psalmist goes on to tell how the nations will display violence and wrath and kingdoms will shift and change….sound familiar? But with just His words, the earth and all of it’s trouble will melt away. 

We are assured that the Lord of Hosts, or the Lord of a collective body of believers is ready to do His work, He is with us and we are reminded again that He is our refuge just like He was to Jacob. 

Can I throw in another little rabbit trail real quick? I hope y’all know what a “rabbit trail” means and that my southern is not showing too much! When the Psalmist wrote verse seven, not only did he want you to know that God was your safe haven, he referenced the life of Joseph. As humans, we tend to respond to the experiences in each other’s lives. If God has done something,  taught something, protected you from something, provided something, other people need to know.  Be a witness that God is who He says He is and that He will pull you through and fulfill His good work in you!

Starting in verse eight, we see God as the most might warrior. He brings destruction on the earth. He brings all wars and battles to an end. I believe this verse is not only talking about wars among people but also the spiritual war for our souls. He destroys all weapons that can be used against us and burns the means of transportation for those weapons.. Wow, that is huge! Weapons used against us could be anything that lures us into sin. The means to transport those lures (thoughts, inappropriate behavior, lust, gossip, pride, ect.) could be Satan and his demons. Be encouraged, sister, verse nine says that God will burn the chariot, the transport, with fire. One day they are out of here!

As chapter 46 ends, we are encouraged to be still and know for sure that God is who He says He is. His name and His great work will be high and lifted up among the nations and among the world. Even if the rock have to cry out, God will be exalted! 

Again, the Lord of the Body of Christ is with us. Remember what He did for Jacob. He will provide you that same refuge. 

I want to close by telling this super quick story. When I was reading and preparing to write this piece, I came upon the story of an old pastor. The story said that whenever he and his church would experience hard times or even if he heard disappointing news, he would say, ” Let’s sing Psalm 46!” because he knew it attested to hope. This is a rich chapter, sister. I hope it becomes your go to for truth in your time of trouble, fear or doubt.

God is your refuge!

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