All My Sisters in the House-Appreciating Sisterly Differences 2

How do we respond when we are living with or serving along side a sister who is so opposite of us? We do. It understand them and they do not understand us, yet we are from the same family. Today's blog post is on the story of Mary and Martha and their sister relationship. Learn how these two sisters were so different and how we can handle differences today.


I am so excited! I have had the honor of writing my first guest post! Woo Hoo! Tenesha has become a quick friend to me! She has a sweet heart for encouraging women in their life journey. She loves the Lord, her family and all things that sparkle! I am so grateful to be featured on her amazing blog this week!

All My Sisters in the House – Appreciating Sisterly Differences!

The story of Mary and Martha has been a favorite among women for a long time. Being from the South, myself, we are surrounded by family and can clearly relate to the occasional disagreement among the women of the family. Say amen if you know what I mean!

The story of these two sisters is both precious and very telling. What were their motives and personalities like? How can we learn from their example? As the body of Christ, how can we thrive in the midst of our strong differences?

For these answers as well as a little role play between me and my sister, please join me at by clicking here.


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2 thoughts on “All My Sisters in the House-Appreciating Sisterly Differences

    • Summer Post author

      Thank you, Kaycee! That little analogy could not be more true…seriously! God has made us all so different, yet we have one thing in common if we are a believer. I know it brings our Father joy when we get along and try to be understanding of each other. Beautiful grace!