Our Heavenly Engagement Ring

As the Bride of Christ, we have been given a Heavenly engagement ring to wear in our heart. It tells the world that our heart belongs to another, our future has been spoken for and that we live our life in surrender to our Love. Read about your Heavenly engagement ring and about the apparel of the Bride of Christ.

Capture your imagination and picture this scene with me for a moment. It is a beautiful evening. The stars are lighting up the sky, there is a light breeze, music in the background and two people in love are gazing into one another’s eyes. Slowly but confidently, the man reaches for his pocket as he gets down on one knee. He pulls a little box from his pocket and opens it to reveal a gorgeous engaged ring. He then asks the love of his life the most important question that will ever cross his lips-

“Will you marry me?”

She does not shy away or hesitate for even a moment, but joyfully says yes!

The man takes the beautiful ring out of the box and slides it onto her finger. Thus, the engagement has been officially sealed.

I have worked in the floral industry for fifteen years, so I have had the pleasure of meeting many bridal clients. Often, one of the first things we talk about is the engagement. That moment when he asked her to spend her life with him. Asked her to share her heart with him.

By saying yes, she was given the symbol of an engaged couple…the ring.  As women, we all love the ring, don’t we? Did you know that if you are a Christian, you have received a proposal from Christ and the opportunity to wear His ring?

Let’s jump into this beautiful love story!

When Jesus knocked on the door of our heart, calling us to surrender our life to Him, it was like He was proposing to us. He was offering to love us forever, share His life with us (His eternal life), provide and protect us and honor us. However, just like any proposal, one has to accept or decline. By accepting Jesus’ proposal, therefore accepting Jesus into our hearts, we are promised or betrothed to Him. We belong to Him and our ownership has been sealed with a symbolic engaged ring that we wear around our heart.

In the Bible days, rings held special significance. The placing of a ring on one’s finger indicated investment, authority, favor or dignity. The rings were called signet rings and they displayed a symbol or crest on them. The wearer of the ring possessed the authority to speak on behalf of the King who gave them the ring. They could use the ring to sign decrees, enforce orders or make changes.

I love Biblical history, so I did a bit of research to discover where rings were referred to in the Bible and I would like to share a few with you!

In Genesis 41:42, Joseph was given a ring by Pharaoh. Even though he belonged to the Pharaoh’s house and had been sold to him as a slave, the Pharaoh gave Joseph the highest level of authority within Egypt. The ring was a symbol of Joseph’s position of power despite being a slave.

In Esther 3:10, the king gave his signet ring to Haman to seal a decree that Haman had schemed up to rid the land of all Jews. The king told Haman to seal the decree using the crest in his ring as this would make it official. The book of Ester goes on to discuss the ring throughout the rest of the chapter. When Haman’s true heart was revealed, the king regained his ring and entrusted it to Mordecai instructing him to write decrees and seal them with the ring.

In Haggai 2:23, the Lord refers to Zerubbabel as His signet ring. This man was chosen by God to be the governor of Jerusalem and as a signet ring, Zerubbabel is God’s seal and covenant to His people.

In Luke 15:22, the Prodical Son receives a ring from his father. The son had intended to return to his father’s house and be a servant, but his dad had other ideas. He gave him a ring to signify that the son was not only re established in the family, it he was in a position of authority.

I could go on and on, but you get the point! Since the days of Genesis, rings have held a high level of importance to mankind. They have been respected and desired.

If you are engaged or married, your ring is probably very important to you. It makes your heart sing. Your ring declares that you are loved, you are accepted and that you belong. Those emotions are needs that we all hope to have met in this life.

However, as the future Bride of Christ, we experience those same emotions. We desire to have someone to worship, dream of being unconditionally loved and long for the connection we can only experience with our Savior.

We were created with a void in our heart that only Jesus Christ can fill. The good news is that He wants to fill our void today…right now. Jesus is proposing eternal life to you and me. Will you say yes and betroth your life to Him?

If we do say yes and give Him our heart, we will receive an engagement ring. This ring can not be held in our hand or seen with our eyes, but everyone will still know it is there by the way that we live our lives. In the same way a beautiful diamond ring declares to the world that our heart has been taken and that we are promised to someone, the spiritual ring of our heart does the same thing.

I would like to challenge you with this thought today. When a woman receives a proposal and she says yes, she can not wait to tell the world. She texts her good news to both friend and aquaintance, takes an endless amount of pictures of her hand displaying her precious ring and posts it on social media to share with the whole world. If you and I have given our hearts to Jesus and we are spiritually engaged to Him, why do we not tell our fabulous news to everyone we see? We have the best engagement story ever. Our Heavenly fiancé gave His life for us and then offered to share all of the blessings of His Father with us! Who but a Christian can say that?

Sweet Bride of Christ, you have been blessed with the apparel of the One who loves you indescribably. If you have accepted His gift of eternal life and the engagement ring for your heart, do not be shy…..show the world!  Tell people where you were in your life when the lover of your soul showed up. How He offered to love you unconditionally, lead you through the journey of this life and come back to marry you and take you to live with Him one day. Everyone’s engagement story is unique to you just like your engagement ring is unique. No one has your proposal story except for you. It is a great story, so tell others about it today!

Psalm 63:3 Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you.

Praise Him this week for what He has done for you, sister and I am going to be praising right along with you!!!

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