During times of trouble and fear, who can we turn to? Psalm 46 promises us that we can depend on God. This chapter should be our solid rock in times of hardship. Click on the blog and discover how many promises of protection that God has for you! 7
  When the Lord called me to create this blog back in September of last year, I had a ton of decisions to make. One of them was what Bible verse did I want to represent my blog and equally what verse would my blog represent. I was told that […]

God Is Our Refuge

Today's young generation is experts famine of leaderships, guidance and wisdom. They are lacking in both Godly direction and healthy life style direction. They need someone to plant investment in their lives so that they will have something to give the next generation. God instructs us to train our young people in the way they should go. 2
What a moving experience our country had last week. Whether your political preference is Democratic or Republican, it probably still made your heart flutter with patriotism to see the splendor of our nation’s monuments surrounded by its citizens. The inauguration of a new president is a proceeding that is followed […]

Take Up Your Shovel and Plant

As a parent, how does God expect you to handle your child's sinful choices habits and behavior? The Bible offers us some insight and guidance on this difficult subject. 3
Sin: A transgression of the law of God. An impaired state of human nature in which the self is estranged from God. (Merriam-Webster) Sin separates us from God. We have seen this illustrated in the Bible starting with Adam and Eve. How easy it can be for us to recognize their […]

Confronting Your Child’s Sinful Choices

My letter to one who is not a Christian is a letter of Biblical truth explaining why one should accept Christ. This letter offers explanation, hope, love, and encouragement for a non Christian to draw from. 17
Dear friend, I want to share my heart with you so please hear me out. I am ashamed that I have not had a conversation like this with you before now, but I did not want to cause a problem between us. However, I have realized that I love you […]

My Letter To One Who Is Not A Christian

Are there any old movie lovers out there? Raise your hand! I was raised on the glitz and glamor of “Old Hollywood”. Due to that, I was so sad to hear that Debbie Reynolds had passed away last week. Singing in the Rain was one of my favorite movies growing […]

Authentic or Fraudulent? Knowing the Signs of a False Teacher

  Merry Christmas to all of you! This time of year is so busy, so memorable, so much eating and so fun! A lot of us really look forward to the holiday season. We anticipate family get togethers and sweet children’s faces, but many of us also look forward to […]

5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence in 2017

    There are two different types of perfection. The worldly perfection that is defined by judgement and doubt and God’s perfection that is defined by acceptance and grace. Until we can recognize the difference, we are a constant victim of a horrendous lie. To give us a better perspective of what […]

Ten Truths About Perfection

As Christmas approaches, I’m sure we all start to think back on some favorite childhood memories. I know I sure do! There was this one Christmas specifically that I have been replaying a lot in my head lately. So……I’m about to age myself! The Christmas that I was six, I […]

Best Gift Ever!

  How is your sharing ability? When people ask you what’s going on do you answer with the typical, ” Oh, everything is fine”? Or do you spill a whole bucket of words, thoughts, anxieties, humor and chaos? If you can identify with the first type of person, please know […]

You Are Never Alone

  Happy Thanksgiving week, friends! I love this week and after spending the last eight days with the flu, I have a whole new appreciation for the things in my life I need to be thankful for. Along with the obvious family, shelter, job and food on the table, I […]

East and West